Sale of hand-painted handcrafted Ceramics. In Tuscany, at Monsummano Terme
(Pistoia) Italy. Artistic decoration of Tuscan ceramic items.


Studio Chironi Ceramics: Tables, Plates, Trays, Cache-pots, Vases and Potiches, Relief fruits, items for home and kitchen, Sacred images.


Ceramic Tables indoor and outdoor, hand painted: our pride. Varoius sizes and decorations. VISIT PAGE

Ceramic Oil-Jars, hand-painted: various sizes, shapes, decorations; normal and decorarive use VISIT PAGE

Ceramic Vases and potiches, hand-painted: wide range; normal and decorative use. VISIT PAGE

Ceramic Plates, hand-painted: tableware for daily use; to decorate your home; to hang on your walls. VISIT PAGE

Ceramic Relief Fruit, hand-painted: ceramic objects decorated with the most typical Italian fruits. VISIT PAGE

Art Gallery: a selection of ceramic artistic items hand-painted by Mirella Chironi. VISIT PAGE

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Handcrafted Ceramic Tables on Sale

On the right side:
Some examples of our most exclusive products,
Hand-painted Ceramic Tables
of the line "Handsome Italians"
In various shapes, sizes and decorations.
Created for outdoor use and perfectly suitable for indoor use.
They can withstand temperatures up to 30 degrees below zero.

Hand-painted Ceramic Tables

Sale of Ceramic Tables - Monsummano - Tuscany (Italy)

Hand-decorated handcrafted Ceramic Tables


Hand-decorated Ceramics on Sale - Tuscany - Italy