Sale of hand-painted handcrafted Ceramics. In Tuscany, at Monsummano Terme
(Pistoia) Italy. Artistic decoration of Tuscan ceramic items.


Studio Chironi Ceramics: Tables, Plates, Trays, Cache-pots, Vases and Potiches, Relief fruits, items for home and kitchen, Sacred images.


Ceramic Tables indoor and outdoor, hand painted: our pride. Varoius sizes and decorations. VISIT PAGE

Ceramic Oil-Jars, hand-painted: various sizes, shapes, decorations; normal and decorarive use VISIT PAGE

Ceramic Vases and potiches, hand-painted: wide range; normal and decorative use. VISIT PAGE

Ceramic Plates, hand-painted: tableware for daily use; to decorate your home; to hang on your walls. VISIT PAGE

Ceramic Relief Fruit, hand-painted: ceramic objects decorated with the most typical Italian fruits. VISIT PAGE

Art Gallery: a selection of ceramic artistic items hand-painted by Mirella Chironi. VISIT PAGE

Vases have always been used in homes as decorative items, as stand-alone objects or as flower containers.
Modern Potiches are modern replicas of vases with handles, which were used in noble familes
to contain unguents or essences.
Studio Chironi offers a large selection of hand painted Vases and Potiches in ceramics. Each item is available in a various decorations.

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