Ceramic Tables, Sale of hand-painted handcrafted Ceramics. In Tuscany, at Monsummano Terme (Pistoia) Italy. Artistic decoration of Tuscan ceramic items.

Art of Ceramics
Hand Painted


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Sacred Images

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The Advantages of buying Ceramics directly from the Producer

The Sale of Hand-painted Ceramics has been our activity for over 10 years. Thanks to our painters' hands and brushes Arts and Ceramics meet a completely handcrafted work. This makes it possible for us to continue spreading in Italy and in the world the scent of Tuscany and the skilled work of its craftsmen.

Greatest care and quality from the beginning of
our production

The Hand Painted Ceramics by Studio Chironi is produced almost entirely by hand. Our Articles are made by experienced craftsmen, and are alreay quality objects even before being hand painted.

Our Ceramics is entirely made in Italy, and the largest part of it in Tuscany, our region.

Ceramic Tables: line "Handsome Italians"

Photo of hand painted Ceramic Table

Ceramic Tables: it is a common place, Italians like sitting at their tables. Make your table richer with one of the many exclusive hand-painted tables in ceramics of the line "Handsome Italians". Tables are available in various shapes: round, squared, rectangular and modular; sizes range from 60 to 140 cm. You can choose from many decorations: classic, geometric and even pictorical. Invite a Tuscan landscape to your table! Our ceramic tables are created for outdoor use, and are perfectly suitable for indoor use; they can withstand up to 30 degrees below zero.

Ceramic Objects for your home

Photo of Ceramic Tray Studio Chironi: sale of ceramic items for home and kitchen use. All it takes to furnish and decorate with Tuscan taste and the skill of its painters: Tables, Oil-jars, Vases and Potiches, Flower holders, Cachepots, Plates, Platters and Trays, Lazy-Susan serving dishes, Appetizer plates, Oil cruets and Salt cellars, Salt, Pepper, Coffee, Sugar and Spice Canisters, Peper mills, Spoon rests, Butter plates, Napkin holders, Drip rings, Bottle stoppers, Pitchers, Beer Mugs and Jars, Tiles, Switch covers, Sugar bowls, Oil and Vinegar Sets, Salt and Pepper Sets, various Canisters and containers, large and smaller Bottles, large and smaller Statues, Sacred images and Holy water Fonts, Address plates, Animal statues, Chandeliers, Clocks, Incense burners, Souptureens, Bisquit jars, Saucepans, Centrepieces, Milk Jugs, Mugs, Jars, Hooks, Ear-rings and pendants, Handles and Knobs. All you can desire for your home, or for a unique, exclusive gift!

Artistic and Handcrafted Ceramics by Mirella Chironi

Mirella Chironi and Ivo Pieraccioli: she, with her artistic spirit and her refined painting techniques, he, with his entrepreneurial skill, are the heart of Studio Chironi and its artistic production.

The artistic and handcrafted ceramics by Mirella Chironi : the ceramic decoration goes beyond ceramic objets for home and garden. Studio Chironi produces a wide range of large and smaller statues, handcrafted sacred images and holy-water fonts; particularly important are the fine replicas of heraldic bearings; last but not least the hand-painted decorative tiles for indoor and outdoor locations. Hand painted ceramics for your home.

Photo of large Oil Jar in Ceramics
Tuscan Handcrafted Ceramics: Sacred Images
Portrait of the Madonna

Studio Chironi offers a large range of Sacred Images from the catholic tradition. You can choose from a wide selection of portraits of the Madonna, Madonna with Jesus, Padre Pio and many other saints, as well as small statues in various sizes of sacred characters.

On request are available paintings of sacred characters, either on Ceramics or on canvas (oil painting).

The Tuscan Handcrafted Ceramics brings light to your day and warmth to your Homes!

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